Ecommerce Analytics Reports for Shopify Stores

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Insightful custom eCommerce reporting analytics will enable Shopify store owners to
pinpoint your highest and lowest lifetime value customers, which products customers most likely will want to buy next (use it in your email campaigns), when to approach your customers, and find out where your best customers came from — spend more on those channels.

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What you can expect:
  • Monthly Dashboard
  • Who are my high, medium and lowest value customer’s segments?
  • Which channels are they coming from?
  • What are the attributes (demographics etc.) for each segment?
  • For each customer, what will he most likely want to buy next?
  • Breakdown customers into: "active", at risk and lost
  • Minor changes and updates to charts, tables, and graphs (as necessary)
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What we need from you:
  • Shopify staff membership account with access to application only.
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  • How I am getting the dashboard?
  • Monthly report which you will get access using a secured link direct to your email.
  • Is my data secured?
  • Yes, the security of your data is our absolute priority. We are using MS Azure secure cloud.
  • Do I need to be tech savvy to utilize my dashboard?
  • The dashboards are super user friendly and simple to use.
  • Can I reach you via email to request additional information?
  • Yes, you can send an email to